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Download Free Tip Calculator In JavaScript With Source Code

Tip Calculator In Javascript With Source Code
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The Tip Calculator is a simple project developed using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This project is an interesting project. The user can calculate the tip amount that they can get from a single bill pay. Learn to create utility applications for school and college assignments. This is a basic project using JavaScript Language.

About Tip Calculator Project In JavaScript 

The Tip Calculator project is simply in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Taking about the features of this system, the user can calculate the number of tips that they can get or distribute per person from a pay. You just have to type the payment amount and adjust the number of people for tips and press the enter to find out the tips per person. This project includes a lot of JavaScript for making the functioning of the project.

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You can check out other similar projects at CodeProjectz and download the source code of these projects for free. Learn to code in JavaScript with the help of these projects.

How To Run Tip Calculator Project In JavaScript ?

To run this project, you don’t need to have any kind of local server but yet a browser. We recommend you to use modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To run this system, first, open the project in your browser by clicking the index.html file. Students and teachers can use this project and its source code as a learning material.

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