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Download Free Library Management System with PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

Library Management System IN PHP, CSS, Js, AND MYSQL_CodeProjectz
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Library Management System” is for managing the library .A Library Management System with PHP and MySQL. Purpose of the Project Analyze, specify, design, implement, document and demonstrate an information system application to support a library.

You are required to use the Classical Methodology for Database Development. The system should be implemented using a relational DBMS that supports standard SQL queries. Class administrators will provide you with information about how to access a college-managed MySQL server in order to implement your database and the application. Firstly, User need to register in to the system. Then, they can login and they can search books, track book location, check out book, further book hold request, extinction book request, return book. Users search the book that they need . If it is not available then they can track book location where the other users who take the book details will be find. They can even request for the further hold for the book that they need and then, they can check out the books too.

Admin can see popular subject report that which book has number of checkouts. They can even see the frequent user report who have frequently checkout the books. They can even enter the damage books that has been damaged due to certain reason. Admin can even search the book that has lost or damage. Continuously, they can track the last user who use the book before the damage or lost then they will charge the certain money. For Admin Library-Management-System-master/src/AdminSummary.php. For the database connection first you need create the database named library.sql in the localhost/phpmyadmin/ and then you can import the database which is found inside the src folder library.sql file.

Language Structure of Library Management System PHP Project : 

This PHP project is built using the following programming languages.

HTML: Page layout and design
CSS: Design
JS: Frontend
PHP: Backend
Java Script

Supported Operating Systems by Library Management System PHP Project :
You can run this project in the Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

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