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Download Free Advanced Calculator In C# With Source Code

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This calculator program is a windows C# application programmed in Visual Studio. It’s essentially a basic Windows calculator re-coded from scratch, with a few functions of a scientific calculator.

This Calculator program can be really useful for students or people who want to see how the “engine” code is separated from the GUI in a program. Calculator C# can perform anything the Windows Standard calculator can do.

Features of Calculator In C#
  • Use the (…) to perform an expression using the order of operations
  • Perform sine, cosine, and tangent function in either degree or radian mode)
  • Format the display to include comma separators
  • Insert Pi with the click of a button
  • Use your keyboard for faster work
  • Add comma separators for easier viewing
Button Definitions of Calculator
  • MC: Clears memory
  • MR: Recalls memory
  • M: Stores memory
  • M+: Adds the current display to the memory, but does not display the sum
  • sin, cos, tan: Performs said trig operation on current display
  • Radians: All trig calculations take radian values
  • Degrees: All trig calculations take degree values
  • pi: Replace the display with the value for pi
  • (…): When the parentheses is turned on, all numbers typed in will be remembered and final result will follow order of operations
  • CE: Clears the current entry (Does not delete last input)
  • C: Clear All (Reset Calculator)
  • Backspace: Delete the last digit on the display one at a time
  • +: Add to the currently displayed number
  • -: Subtract from the currently displayed number
  • *: Multiply the currently displayed number by
  • /: Divide the currently displayed number by
  • sqrt: Gets the square root of the number on the display
  • %: Display the result of the multiplication between two numbers as a percentage. (Ex. 50*25% = 12.5) You can also use the other operations by clicking one number, the operation you want, another number, then the %, then hit =, for example: 50 + 25% (of 50) = 62.5
  • 1/x: Inverses the number on display (Ex. Inverse of 2 is 1/2, or 0.5)
  • +/-: Change the sign of the displayed number (positive/negative)
  • .: Insert a decimal point to start adding digits after the decimal
  • 0-9: Put the pressed number on the screen
How to install Advanced Calculator In C# Language ?
  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the .sln file using Microsoft Visual Studio
Click the Button Below to Download Advanced Calculator In C# With Source Code and its Source Codes

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