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Download Free Rock Paper Scissor In Python With Source Code

Rock Paper Scissor In Python With Source Code
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This is a stone-paper-scissor guess game developed using python. rock–paper–scissors is a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. These shapes are “rock”, “paper”, and “scissors”. This game is developed using Python. This game runs on the terminal. The game features a simple UI design with scoreboard and the three-button ‘rock’, ‘paper’ and ‘scissor’(r,p,s).. If you want run this game, you need to install python .

Installation steps for this rock paper scissor python game :
  • Download or clone the folder
  • Open the folder
  • Open your terminal or CMD in this folder
  • Type python
  • Enjoy the game
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