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Download Free Car Racing Game In Java With Source Code

Car Racing Game In Java With Source Code
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Car racing game is a simple Java powered 2D game. This game consists of single level or stage to play the game. You have to control the car from colliding with other cars. This game is very much fun and interesting to play. Learn to create games and fun application using this game script and source code. Students and teachers can use this project and its source code as a learning material.

About Car Racing Game in Java project

First, download the project and extract it. When you are done extracting the folder, make sure you have your JDK set up to correct path. When you run the game, you will see your car moving on the road. You can select the start button to play the game. You cannot select different variety of cars to go into the race. Your arrows are the controller for this game. You have to just press the arrows to the adjacent sides to switch over the side. So that you prevent yourself from hitting the other objects and cars.

How To Run Car Racing Game in Java ?

To run this game you will need a JDK installed on your system . Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is file which you can modify. Run that file through the command prompt.

This game consists of a lot of Java validations. This game is fun to play and even fun if you can modify it. In whole, this project uses a lot of java programming language. If you can add some more levels with different color options then you can surely enhance your coding skills.

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