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Download Free Balloon Shooter Game In Python With Source Code

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The balloon Shooter game project is coded in Python. This game is a simple shooting game. While playing the game, all you have to do is just use your mouse for pointing to the balloons and use the right-click mouse button to shoot the balloon. There is a simple and clean GUI for easy gameplay. Here, the player has to use the mouse to shoot the balloon. The game is an interesting game.

About Balloon Shooter Game In Python :

The project file contains python scripts ( Talking about the gameplay, the player has to shoot the moving balloons from any suitable direction. The player must shoot the balloon and blast it to make it count. The player has to shoot balloons and blast them to win the score. The PC controls of this game are also simple. You can use your mouse to make an aim at any moving balloon. The gameplay design is so simple that the user won’t find it difficult to use and understand.

How To Run Balloon Shooter Game In Python ?

To run this project, you must have installed PyCharm (For code execution )and Anaconda (for the virtual environment) on your PC. After downloading the project, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Extract/Unzip the file
  • Step2: Open the project folder as Pycharm Project.
  • Step3: If all the library are already installed, run the file to start the game.
  • Step4: If the libraries are not installed, open anaconda then creates a new virtual environment and install the required library in that created environment.
  • Step5: Now go to Pycharm, click on the file, open settings, open project interpreter, and then select the virtual environment that you have created earlier.
  • Step 6: Run the file to start the game.
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