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Download Free Online Book Store In Java And JSP With Source Code

Online Book Store In Java And JSP With Source Code
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Online Book Store is a JSP project. Here, the user can perform buying of books from the online store. The site’s user interface is simple and is easy to use. The whole project uses Java programming language for the field validation. Also, it uses XML files to transfer the user and other data to the server. This project is made in NetBeans IDE. Students and teachers can use this project and its source code as a Learning Material.

About Online Book Store Project In Java And JSP

Before you run the project, be sure you have NetBeans IDE on your computer. Once you install the IDE, now you can import the project in the IDE. Remember that this is a server-side project. So you must have the Glassfish server on your computer.

Also, you will require MYSQL workbench to import the SQL script file. Once you have completed the setup you can now run the project. The project will automatically open in your browser. There you can see different modules that are in the project. The home page will show up with the different book lists and other pieces of stuff.


There is a “readme.txt” file provided inside the project. Before you run the project, please follow these steps carefully while you run the project.

How to run Online Book Store In Java And JSP ?

To run this project you must have installed Eclipse IDE or Netbeans IDE on your PC. Once you install it, download the project and extract it. Open the project in Netbeans IDE. And simply run the project.

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