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Download Free Modern Bag Shop in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

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Modern Bag” is an online bag buying website, which is written in PHP and MYSQL. This system will make the customer easy to shopping bag they wanted. Continuously, it consists of two main component Admin side and user side. In this system, the user needs to register to the system by filling the form. Eventually, they can log in to the system and shop for the bag they want.

This Modern Bag system shows the bag categories according to the brand. A small fashion store, it has constantly grown and become a system of young fashion stores, one of the leading fashion brands. In this system, the user can find handbags, backpacks, wallets, etc. Continuously, the user can find young people’s bags.

For the database connection in Modern Bag first, you need to create the database named Shop.sql in the localhost/phpmyadmin/, and then you can import the database which is found inside the database folder Shop V1.1.4  file.

Language Structure of Online bag Shop Management PHP Project : 

  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Frontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script

Supported Operating Systems :

You can run this project in the following operating systems:

  • Window
  • MAC
  • Linux
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