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Download Free Books Resell Website In Django Framework With Source Code

Books Reuse In Django Framework With Source Code
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The Book Reuse is a simple project developed using Django framework, HTML and CSS. This system provides the beautiful interface of a book reusing system using which the users can use at anytime. You can use this website project to create a website wherein users and visitors can buy and sell the reusable books and periodicals.

About Books Resell Website In Django Framework

It is a simple Book Reusing web-based application. It focuses on those people who love reading books. Also, for those people who need books only for a specific period of time. The book can be useless for us. But it might be useful for others. Because of this, both the buyer and seller will have to spend less amount of money on the books that they need.

Functionality of Books Resell Website In Django Framework

For this, the seller puts his/her book’s information, his/her contact information. In addition with this, the seller also gives location, and also the price in the selling view of the application. Similarly for the buyers, they can contact the nearby sellers from the contact information provided. After selling certain book, the seller can delete all the information about that book. Therefore, this system will be applicable for all those people who are in their studying phase. Besides students, it will also be applicable for the book wormers.

Requirements for Books Resell Website In Django Framework
  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. pip
How To run Books Resell Website In Django Framework ?

Firstly, extract the folder. Then, go to that directory using cd command. Another step is to Install the dependencies as follows.

  • pip install django_crispy_forms.
  • pip install django-embed-video.

In the fourth step, create a new file named in ob/settings. Likewise the fifth step is to copy file and make the required configuration changes in the file. Next step is to generate secret key in django, open the python shell in terminal. from import get_random_secret_key; print (get_random_secret_key()).

Finally, run the command. python runserver and you will get the desired output.


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