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Download Free Word Beater In JavaScript With Source Code

Word Beater In JavaScript With Source Code
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Word Beater is a simple project developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is a simple typing game mini-project. This project helps you to improve your Typing speed. This is like a game, one-by-one random words will pop up on your screen and you have to type the given word within 5 seconds.

About This Word Beater In JavaScript

This Word Beater is typing tester game project Which is simply in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. About the features of this project, the user can improve their Typing speed. You have to type each word in the given amount of seconds to score. Otherwise, you will lose the game, and to play again, you just have to type the current word. Also, your score will reset.

Also, this project includes a lot of JavaScript for making validations to certain parts of the project.

How To Run Word Beater In JavaScript ?

To run this project you don’t need to have any kind of local server but yet a browser. We recommend you to use modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for better performance. To execute the project, first, open the project in your browser by clicking the index.html file.

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