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Download Free Text Editor Application In JavaFX With Source Code

Text Editor Application In JavaFX with source code
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Text editor application in JavaFX is a simple and similar version of notepad application. Here, in this application, you can create text documents easily. The system allows you a greater flexibility while editing the text files or the documents. Talking about this system, this system has various features intact within it. It will provide you the controls for editing texts and styling them.

About This Text Editor Application In JavaFX :

Well as the name suggests this project is all about editing and creating text documents. Much more new features are added to this project. Features like the selection of fonts and font weight. Also the type of font style you want. That is you want your text to be bold, italic or underlined. Not only this, but you can also highlight the text using the color format. Or you can directly select the texts and can colorize them. You can even perform the word search. This allows you to take controls of your spelling mistakes in the paragraphs. You can also quote your favorite lines by using the comment like the symbol from the menu bar.

Design of this is so simple that the user won’t find difficulties while working on it. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Eclipse IDE or NetBeans IDE on your PC. Text Editor application in JavaFX is free to download with source code.

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