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Download Free Supply Chain Management using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

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Supply Chain Management is a project made for bakery products. This system is used by three users admin, manufacture, and retailer. They can easily use this system because it is user-friendly. This system is web-based which is written in PHP and MYSQL. The main purpose of this system is to make the supply system easy.

Firstly, all the users must log in to the system before entering the system. Admin can access to all the Supply Chain Management system, manufacture and retailer can not have access to some of the page. The administrator will add te retailer and manufacture. They will add them and give them the username and password. Once they get the username and password they can change the password. Eventually, they can see the orders, invoice, retailer, manufacture, distributer, etc. Moreover, they can add delete and edit all of them. Check for the unique username for every new user.

Admin Login Details for username: admin password: admin123. For the database connection for Supply Chain Management first, you need to create the database named scm_new.sql in the localhost/phpmyadmin/ and then you can import the database which is found inside the sql folder scm_new.sql file .

Language Structure of Supply Management System PHP Project :
  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Frontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script
  • Ajax
Supported Operating Systems :

You can run this project in the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux
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