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Download Free Stock Inventory System In VB.NET With Source Code

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Stock Inventory System project is developed using VB.NET. The Project is based on the concept of storing different stock items. Talking about the project, it does not contain any login system. This means the user can use the system without any restriction.

Features of Stock Inventory System In VB.NET Project :

In order to store an item, a user has to enter the item name, color, brand, description, barcode number, quantity, remarks and price per item. After entering all these details, the system displays the total price of the item. Updating and deleting items are easy, the user has to select an item then click the button. The system displays total stock items in a list view displaying ID number, name, description, remarks, barcode number, category, and quantity.

This simple mini project is based on CRUD functions. In order to change the values of category, brand, and units he/she has to open the source code and edit there. This system is simply based on small office and organization.

  1. Store items
  2. Delete items
  3. Update items
  4. List all items
How to run Stock Inventory System In VB.NET Project ?

Talking about the GUI Part, it is so simple that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it. Stock Inventory System project helps the user to store stock items and for easy calculation of total items. This project is very easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE on your PC.


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