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Download Free Simple Ticketing System In Java With Source Code

Simple Ticketing System In Java With Source Code
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Simple ticketing system is a train seat booking Java project which maintains the ticket booking and other heavy works of a train station. This system is very much easy and is user-friendly. Anyone can use this system without any difficulty. Before you run this project make sure you have the JDK and JRE installed on your system.

About This Simple Ticketing System In Java

Okay, let’s get started. First to run this project, as mentioned earlier install all the software on your computer. Talking about the project, this project does all the kind of activity that a train station requires. This system does all the necessary things. The system demonstration is by the admin as he/she both being admin and user at the same time. Here one can simply book the train ticket. For this, he/she has to choose the traveling destination and the route through which they will travel. The booking process is directly done with payment.

The admin can add and delete a number of metro trains if they want. Also, the admin can add and delete employees. The admin can also make the Smartcard for the users on their request. As a whole, the system does the necessary tasks for the metro station.

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