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Download Free Simple Editor In JavaScript With Source Code

Simple Editor In JavaScript With Source Code
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Simple Editor is a simple project developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This project is a simple previewer for basic HTML markup. When you open the project, you can see the editing page on your browser where you can type words on one side of the page. Also, see its results on another side at the same time.

About Simple Editor In JavaScript 

The Simple Editor is simply in HTML5, CSS, canvas, and JavaScript. There is two division of the editor page. The user can type any word on the left side of the editor page and you can automatically see the changes on the right side of the editor page. Also, you can make changes on the left side of the page and see its result on the right side immediately after the changes. You can write something in the editor and use the toolbar to format your post with HTML. A preview of your formatted content will display in real-time.

This project includes a lot of JavaScript for making validations to certain parts of the project.

How To Run Simple Editor In JavaScript ?

To run these games you don’t need to have any kind of local server but yet a browser. We recommend you to use modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for better performance. To run the project, first, open the project in your browser by clicking the index.html file.


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We usually learn a new language by reading a book on it, and then applying what we’ve learnt to some projects. The importance of having the source code of these projects is that we can read their code and thus understand how everything works. Most books start at telling you what every construct in the language means, as well as common pitfalls, but they don’t actually provide an example project where you can see all of those concepts put together. In order to accomplish this , some programmers create tutorials or projects that everyone can follow along with. This project is also a part of such attempt. Students and teachers can use this project and its source code for their learning purpose.

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