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Download Free School Attendance Monitoring in .NET with Source code

Attendance Management system with source code in .net
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This School Attendance Monitoring system with Source code is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007. With this system, the registered students can sign in and sign out every time there is an event in the school. The system uploaded here is upgradable to RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System with SMS Notification System.

About School Attendance Monitoring in .NET

The computerized Students monitoring system that researchers developed is definitely for ID and Student’s verification only. The main objective of our system is to check whether the student has an authorized ID or a falsified one and to verify whether the student is properly enrolled in the school. The application of the RFID Matrix card system as a boarding student monitoring system was suggested to improve the management system and to monitor the activity group movement. The unique RFID tags enable management to path the student’s movement in and out of the campus. A particular without RFID card will generate the alarm and this will notify school administration about the availability of using an online monitoring system.

This system used the main component of the RFID system, database management system, and wireless networking.

Features of Attendance Monitoring System in VB.Net

Basic Features of Attendance Management System In VB.Net Source Code

  • Student Registration
  • Teacher Registration
  • Attendance Monitoring for student and teachers
  • Easy retrieval of attendance record for both student and teachers
  • Student and Teachers Information Management
  • Daily and Monthly Attendance Report for Students and Teachers.

The admin side of this system can createupdate, and view information of the student. The administrator account can also create multiple events. As well the system is capable of generating reports with regards to the student activities.

You can log in to this system using this account:
  • Username: John
  • Password: Trance
How to run School Attendance Monitoring in .NET ?

Design of this is so simple that user won’t find difficulties while working on it. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE on your PC.

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