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Download Free Restaurant Management System In JAVA With Source Code

Restaurant Management System In JAVA With Source Code
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Restaurant management system is a java project developed for taking and managing the restaurant orders. It assists the waiters to take the order of food digitally and more easily than before. This whole project is developed in Java programming language using Eclipse IDE. Here in this project, you can add your employee and also can add the menu items to make your restaurant look fancier. This project comes along with MySQL database as backend.

About This Restaurant Management System In JAVA

As an Admin, you can view your restaurant activity and you can also manage them. You can view what menus are added to the restaurant. Also, you can generate the bill of a customer. You can also keep the backup for your menu system. You can add and delete your food items.

How To Run Restaurant Management System In JAVA ?

Design of this project is pretty simple so that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it. To run this project you must have installed virtual server i.e. XAMPP on your PC (for Windows). This project with source code is free to download, Use for educational purposes only! For the project demo, have a look at the image slider below.

Connecting Database

4th Step: Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
5th Step: Then, click on the databases tab
6th Step: Create a database naming “restaurantmanagement” and then click on the import tab
7th Step: Click on browse file and select “
restaurantmanagement .sql” file which is inside “DATABASE” folder
8th Step: Click on go and finally run your project from the Eclipse IDE

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