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Download Free Petrol Pump Management System In C# With Source Code

Petrol Pump Management System In C# With Source Code
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Petrol Pump Management System project is developed using C# Language. The Project is based on a concept to maintain and generate the petrol pump’s transaction.

About Petrol Pump Management System in C# :

Talking about the system, Before entering the main menu, the user should pass through the login system to get access. From, where the user can add/edit bank account details, customer account details, supplier account, employee details, supplier withdraw pump account details, customer deposit pump account detail, lubricant detail, ledger detail, maintain daily sales, product order details, stock details, daily product stock and customer bill.

While entering a bank account details, the user has to provide, Bank account number, transaction date, bank name, credit amount, and debt amount. In order to enter customer account, he/she has to provide customer account number, name, product, product rate, quantity, total amount, mode of payment, cheque number, balance number, transaction date, and amount. Similarly to enter supplier account, he/she has to supplier account number, supplier name, product name, product rate, quantity, total amount, paid amount, mode of payment, mode of payment, check number, previously paid amount, the balance amount, transaction date and withdraw the amount. Likewise in order to enter employee details employee id, name, address, city, state, pin code, phone number, D.O.B, department, designation, salary and joined date respectively.

Features of Petrol Management System :

The other feature includes product details, the user has to enter product id, name, description, rate, unit of measurement, maximum quality, minimum quality, order level, and quantity per liter. From the system, the user can maintain a daily sales report easily which contains opening and closing meter, stock, sold quantity, product rate, closing stock, actual dip stock, variation in reading and product amount. The stock details can also be mentioned here and the main essential feature is about billing which is available in this project. In order to generate customer bill, the user has to provide Employee id, vehicle number, quantity, product name, rate then the system displays total amount.

  1. Login
  2. Bank Account Details
  3. Customer Account Details
  4. Supplier Account
  5. Supplier Withdraw Pump Accounts detail
  6. Customer Deposit Pump Account Detail
  7. Employee Details
  8. Product Details
  9. Lubricant Details
  10. Ledger Details
  11. Daily Sales
  12. Product Order Details
  13. Stock Details
  14. Daily Product stock
  15. Generate Customer Bill

How to run Petrol Management System ? 

This project uses an MS Access database. Information stored on the database is retrieved easily with each and every detail. All the daily reports can also be generated from the system. Petrol Pump Management System project helps in the management of a petrol pump transaction and their products within a short period of time. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE on your PC. Petrol Pump Management System in C#  with source code is free to download. For the project demo, have a look at the image slider below.



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