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Download Free Pet Shop Management System In PHP With Source Code

Pet Shop Management System In PHP With Source Code
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Pet Shop Management System In PHP is a mini database management system, which is developed to help small scale pet shop owner to keep track of the available pet and its products along with the sales details of his shop. Developed by Pavan R, Pet Shop Management System In PHP provides a web-based interface to a pet shop owner to manages his Pet Shop activities. This web application provides users an option for storing and managing the basic information about pets and pet products in the shop.

Features of Pet Shop Management System :

On the home page, the user of this application can see various options. The first function is to add a new animal data or record. The user can add animal name, breed, category, weight, age, cost , height, and fur of the animal. Next, after adding the animal data, he/she can view all list of the pet animals stored in the pet shop management system. If the user wants to edit an animal data, simply click on the animal, and then an update button will appear which will instantly allow the user to enter new details and update it. In order to delete the data, the user has to first enter animal id and then click delete to confirm and delete the pet data.

Along with animals, the user can also add birds in the system. The featured bird includes name, cost, category, and noise. Likewise, for the customer, the system can also store customers’ data. The admin if needs, can store customer records including their name, address, phone number, and much more. What’s more, is that the system also has the ability to add pet products for sales. The user can add pet-related products like a collar, chain, mouth mask, and much more to sell the customers. A category is also listed in these products to help the users and customers identify the product with the animal. Lastly, there is the feature of sales details where the owner of the shop can see all the sales he has made till date.

  • Login System with Password Protection
  • Storing and managing the basic information about pets and pet products in the shop.
  • Storing and managing the sales details of the shop.
  • Storing and managing the basic information about the customer
  • Track the information about sold pets and products to a customer.
  • Add pet animal and birds details
  • Add products related to the animal for sales
  • Keep track of your sales


  • Operating System : 64bit operating system, x64-based processor
  • Database : MYSQL
  • Tools : PHP, XAMPP Server 3.2.2


  • Processor : Intel® Celeron® CPU N3060 @1.60GHz
  • RAM : 4.00 GB
  • Hard Disk : 1 TB
Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

1. Import the petshop_management.sql to your database
2. Run the project (index.html) using localhost

Note: Full project Report of this system is also available within the project folder.

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