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Download Free Patient Management System In Java With Source Code

Patient Management System In Java With Source Code
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Patient Management System is a Java project. This project helps the doctor to manage the patient records. Also, it helps to maintain the patient health report. This system also allows you to manage the drug report and many more facilities. The project uses NetBeans IDE to run the program. Also, the project uses some of the JavaFX materials for its design. Learn to create utility applications like Patient Management System using Java Programming language with the help of this project and its source code. Students and teachers can use this project as a learning material.

About Patient Management System Project In Java

In order to run this project, you will require Netbeans IDE. So download and install it. After that, open the project in the NetBeans IDE. When you run this project you will see the sign-up form. Fill the form and that will be your admin log in id. The whole project is based on the doctor’s assistant side.

Here you can add the patient records and also can modify them. You can add different drugs and medicines. You can also add the prescriptions for the users. There are a lot of features in the project included. The features of this project can be summarized as –

  • Add Patients
  • Add Drugs
  • Add new template prescriptions
  • update user
  • print user health report card
How To Run Patient Management System Project In Java ?

To run this project you must have installed Eclipse IDE or Netbeans IDE on your PC. Once you install it, download the project and extract it. Open the project in Netbeans IDE. And simply run the project. Now before running the project, rebuild the project for any kind of bugs and errors. This will help you to control the runtime error code.

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