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Download Free Online Voting and Election System in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

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ONLINE VOTING and ELECTION SYSTEM” is a system where the voter will use a voting system for own rights. It’s the online process complete without any difficulty. The online voting system is made of PHP language which is the user interface. In this system, we have to use CSS , JavaScript , PHP-and-MySQL. At first the user should register their name in the voting list. However, for security reasons registration is mainly done by the system administrator. The system Administrator registers the voters on a special site of the system visited by admin only by simply filling a registration form to register voter. Create real use case type election and voting system in PHP Language for your college and school project.

After registration, the voter is assign a secret Voter ID with which voters can use to log in into the system and enjoy services provide by the system such as voting. If invalid/wrong details are submit, then the citizen is not register to vote in the system or the password might be wrong .In this system the user must have their own voter Id . One User voter Id can only be used by the same person and can vote at a time.

This system contain the Home page where the user can see the Home, Page, Voter panel . The voter has their unique id and password so that the other people can not see it ,it is in encrypted form for the security purpose. To make the user use the system page contain admin and voter category where they choose for the right one.

Admin Access to Online voting system PHP Project : 
  • Email :
  • Password : admin .

If the already got the user Id and password they can enter in to the info in form and after voting they can log out from the system. For the installation process you need to Create a database poll. Import poll.sql file from phpmyadmin. URL: localhost/online_voting/admin

Language Structure of Online Voting and Election System PHP Project :
  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Frontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Java Script
Supported Operating Systems by Online Voting and Election System PHP Project :

You can run this project in Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems easily.


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