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Download Free Notepad App in Python With Source Code

Notepad App in Python With Source Code
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The Notepad App in Python is a simple and similar version of the text editor application. In this application, you can create text documents easily. The system allows you greater flexibility while editing the text files or the documents. Talking about this system, this system has various features intact within it. It will provide you the controls for editing texts and styling them.

About Notepad App in Python

The project file contains python scripts (, This is a small project of a notepad app built with Tkinter and SQLite3. It has database created with SQLite3 to store the files. Notepad is built with the Tkinter ‘Text Widget’ and Menu() options. It includes the database file (there is no need to open that!). The design of this is so simple that the user won’t find difficulties while working on it. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users.

How To Run Notepad App in Python ?

To run this project, you must have installed Python on your PC. After downloading the project, you have to follow the steps below:

Step1: Extract/Unzip the file

Step2: Go inside the project folder, open cmd then type and enter to start the system.


Step2: Simply, double click the file and you are ready to go.

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