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Museum management system objective is to generate daily and weekly visitors report based on their entry time, out time and total duration, keep record. This program is developed using C#, ASP.NET and MYSQL Database in Visual Studio 2017. Currently most of the museum uses manual system which is not great in UI design or better system performance. For changes, a digitalized system is required. After the success of museum management system people are looking for it because of its makes the visitors record keeping easy and  fast simple by generating weekly and daily report, generating charts and also it help in analyze their business.

About Museum Management System In C#

This software can be used in museum. Its objective is to generate daily and weekly visitors report based on their entry time, out time and total duration, keep record according to the visitors. The visitors details and their entry details can be recorded , saved and can be retrieved in a file. The file can also be exported as a CSV file and we can also import the CSV files. Chart is also generated to show the data statistics. The system is fully simple, easy system to use having good design and better system performance.

User Manual for Museum Management System In C#
  • Operating the system : As you open the Annapurna Museum Management system, the program will prompt for username and password. After providing correct username and password user will get access to the program and will be redirected to the home screen. If the password and username is incorrect system will give a message indicating the user that the credentials are wrong.
  • Note: The access details are given below :  
          • username: admin
          • password: admin

After successful login, the user is prompted to home page.
The home page features all the available functions of the software. The below are the functions of the program described in brief:

  • VisitorThis button contains the sub-menu listed below:
  1. Add Visitor
  2. Import from CSV
  3. Export from CSV
  4. Save(serialization)
  5. Retrieve (Deserialization)
  • Visit EntryThis button contains the below sub-menus:
  1. Add Visit
  2. Import from CSV
  3. Export from CSV
  4. Save(serialization)
  5. Retrieve (Deserialization)
  6. Sort By Total Duration
  • ReportsThis button works to show the Daily and Weekly Report of the Visitors.
  • ChartOn clicking this button, a new chart is generated based on the number of visitors.
  • Sign OutThis button Signs out the user and redirects them to the Login Screen
  • ExitThis button closes the program.

To add a new visitor, the user can to click on the visitor button. After clicking the button, the user is presented with a form where all the functions are listed.

Upon clicking ‘Add Visitor’ it opens a form which includes visitor name, email, address, contact and occupation.

  1. Name: The visitor name is entered in this field by the system user.
  2. Email: Email of the visitor is entered in the field.
  3. Address: The user enters the visitors address in the address field.
  4. Contact: Contact number of the visitor is the input of this field.
  5. Occupation: The occupation of the visitor is entered by the system user here.
  6. Add: Upon clicking the add button, the form is submitted and the visitor is registered in the system.
  7. Go Back: Upon clicking cancel the form is closed.
  • Import from CSV: This menu item is be used to open a previously saved visitor details from a CSV file.
  • Export to CSV: This menu item is be used to save and export the visitor details to a CSV file.
  • Save(Serialization): This menu item is used to save the visitor details into a .dat file.
  • Retrieve(Deserialization): This menu item is used to retrieve the visitor details from a .dat file.

The user can also register the visit details of the visitor. After the visitor is registered, the user can add the visit details of the visitor by clicking on “Visit Entry” from the home screen. The user is presented with different features related to visit details.

After the system user finishes the visit details tasks, they can generate report by clicking on the Report Item. The report is classified in two types: Daily and Weekly Report.

The system user can view the chart by clicking the Chart menu item in the menu page. The system will generate the chart of visitors on a certain week with total number of visitors and total time spent in minutes.

How To Run Museum Management System In C#  ?

Annapurna Museum Management system is protected by a login system. Running the program will open the login screen. After the user enter the correct login credentials, the system will open the home screen, The main screen contains menu items along with sub menu. The menu item includes Visitor, Visit Entry, Reports, Charts, Sign Out and Exit. The sub menu item is the Report item which includes the Weekly report and Daily report. After using the system and completing all the necessary task, user can close the system by clicking the Exit button on home screen.

In order to run the project, you must have installed Visual Studio 2019 on your PC. (we recommend these IDE). First download and then run Microsoft Visual Studio. For C# programs to run, you need to install the .NET desktop development component within the visual studio. And, Download the zip file and unzip the .zip file using any zip programs such as WinRAR or 7Zip. After extracting, open your folder or project using Microsoft Visual studio.


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