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Download Free Movie Ticket Booking System In PHP With Source Code

Movie Ticket Booking System In PHP With Source Code
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Movie Ticket Booking System is a PHP project implemented for a movie hall as the sole purpose of the booking system. This software is developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, and MySQL. This project is a website where users can log in to the system and book the movie tickets online easily. The special features of movie ticket booking system are – site offers 3D preview that will help the user to select the best seat from available ones.

Features of Movie Ticket Booking System In PHP

Online Movie Ticket Reservation System helps to make booking movie tickets easy, flexible, and efficient for the people. With this system, people no longer need to wait in long queues in the counters at the theatre to book the tickets. Instead, they can easily sit at home and book the required tickets online. With such software, the user can book tickets from anywhere and anytime within the help of the internet. This system aims to provide the customers’ a facility to book tickets for a movie online and to gather information about the movies and theaters without vising the movie halls.

  • This system aims to implement a movie ticket booking system making use of a web front end and a MySQL backend.
  • The system makes use of the combination of HTML, PHP, CSS, and Bootstrap 3/4 on the front end section.
  • A sample of 5 movies is up in the project for booking as a sample.
  • Each movie on the website has its own page with movie details and an option to make a booking.
  • The website has a feature to book tickets in multiple theaters with multiple show timings that have been provided.
  • Functionalities like user log in, user authentication, ticket cancellation, etc is also supported.
  • All data of the system is stored safely onto tables in a MySQL server database.
  • User can book tickets for movies in theaters
  • User can select your favorite movie in your favorite theater page
  • User can sell the booked tickets by publishing the ticket details on the website
  • User can change the seat numbers even after confirming their booking
  • Users can view posters, release date and some overview of the movies running in theaters within the website
  • User can create online accounts if they like.
How to run Movie Ticket Booking System In PHP ?
  • Upload the file in a Wamp/XAMPP Server
  • Import the sql files into the serve database
  • Run the index.php file on your localhost
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