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Download Free Job Castle In PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

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Job Castle is a web application that facilitates employers to upload their requirements, candidates to upload their resumes so that they can be matched and ranked accordingly. The front end is implemented using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and back end.

About this Job Castle PHP Project : 

Jobseeker needs to register for the system to log in. Eventually, they can search for a job according to their requirement. They need to submit their resume by entering in to the submit resume page where they need to fill the form. This system will make users and the company easy to find and get the job.

For the database connection first, you need to create the database named jobportal.sql in the localhost/phpmyadmin/ and then you can import the database which is found jobportal.sql file.

Language Structure of Job Castle PHP Project : 

  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Frontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script

Supported Operating Systems:

You can run this project in the following operating systems:

  • Windows:
  • MAC:
  • Linux:

How To Run this Job Castle PHP Project ?

To run this project you must have installed a virtual server i.e XAMPP on your PC. Job Castlel System in PHP with source code is free to download, Use for educational purposes only!

After Starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, follow the following steps

  • 1st Step: Extract file
  • 2nd Step: Copy the main project folder
  • 3rd Step: Paste in xampp/htdocs/

Now Connecting Database

  • 4th Step: Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
  • 5th Step: Then, click on the databases tab
  • 6th Step: Create a database naming “jobportal” and then click on the import tab
  • 7th Step: Click on browse file and select “jobportal.sql” file which is inside the “Job-Castle-master” folder
  • 8th Step: Click on go.

After Creating Database,

  • 9th Step: Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/Job-Castle-master/jobseeker_home.php#”
Click the Button Below to Download Job Castle In PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL and its Source Codes

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