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Download Free Inventory System In C# With Source Code

Inventory System In C# With Source Code
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Inventory System is a simple desktop application developed using C# Language. The Project is based on the concept of managing records. Talking about the system, a user has to pass through a login system for using its features. The admin can stock master, stock out, returns, etc.

About Inventory System In C# :

The user can manage stock master, for this the user has to enter the item name, description, category, price, and quantity. Simply, the user can CRUD functions on it. After this, the user can manage stock out, return by entering the customer id, transaction id, name, address and adding items. From settings, he/she can add categories and item unit. The last feature of this system in about User management system, where the admin can add and arrange the roles of different users.

How to run Inventory System In C# ?

Design of this is so simple that the user won’t find difficulties while working on it. Inventory System project helps the user on managing stock items record. For handling data, MySQL is used as a database. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE and XAMPP on your PC.

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