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Download Free Hotel Management System In C# With Source Code

Hotel Management System In C# With Source Code
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Hotel Management System aids in managing day to day task of hotels such as adding reservation, editing reservations, updating, or searching hotel reservations. The application development is done using C#. Microsoft Visual Studio is used as an IDE used for the programming of the application. This project source code is basic tutorial to guide you in creating Hotel Management system using C#.

Features of Hotel Management System Project in C# :

Hotels are a perfect way to spend your vacation. A lot of reservation is expected to be done on a hotel. If you work on hotels, you will be probably thinking about proper and efficient handling of reservations done at your hotel. Hotel Management System can be an easier and faster solution. We expect a lot of bookings and reservations in a hotel, so this system is developed with a focus to maintain the reservation works of hotels in a simple and efficient way. The system includes a lot of features. For security, the system is secured by a login system and proper validation is done. The system user has to provide his/her right credentials to access the system. After logging in, the user can add new reservations. Users of this system can edit and update reservations or delete them if they need to. A search function is also added to the system. Brief details on the features of this system are shown below:

  • Make a new reservation
  • View all made reservations
  • Search and see all the available rooms of the hotels
  • Search the reservation made using the search function
  • Calculate the total price of the reservation including food and expenses
  • Edit a reservation
  • Update the reservation if needed
  • Delete a reservation if needed
How To Run Employee Management System using C# ?

In order to run the project, you must have installed Visual Studio 2019 on your PC. (we recommend these IDE). First download and then run Microsoft Visual Studio. For C# programs to run, you need to install the .NET desktop development component within the visual studio. And, Download the zip file and unzip the .zip file using any zip programs such as WinRAR or 7Zip. After extracting, open your folder or project using Microsoft Visual studio.

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