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Download Free Hostel Management System In C# With Source Code

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Hostel Management System application is developed to manage a hostel. In this software, there are two types of login student login and admin login. In terms of admin login, admin can register the student into the system. This system covers various functionalities for admin like viewing the details of the student and to edit them. He can also view and make payments through the system.

In terms of the functionality of the student, the student can log in to the software and view his profile as well as payment history. Hostel Management System provides students also the functionality of payments so that he can pay his pay on his page without consulting admin.

Features of Hostel Management System In C#
  • User can Add Students with details like Student ID, First and Last Name, Mobile Number, Email Id, and select Join Date.
  • User can enter Fee he/she wants to pay and inserts his password.
  • The user enters his Address and can click the ‘Register’ button to register. The system displays a success message.
  1. Users can view details by clicking the ‘View Student_Details’ button. The system then displays details of registered students (Student Id, First name, Last name, Mobile Number, Email Id, Date of Join, Fee and Address)
  2. Users can delete student records by clicking the ‘Delete’ button, then the selected info gets deleted.
  3. User can select the field which he wants to edit and can update them. The system displays all the data of the particular student and the user needs to click the ‘Update’ button.
  4. Users can search for students using Student ID . The system displays Info of the student bearing entered Student ID (Student Name, Total Fee, Paid Fee, and Due Fee).
  5. Users can then enter how much amount student wants to pay(Payment feature).
  6. Users can view payment History of all the students.
  7. Users can display Student Personal Details (Student Id, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email Id, Join Date, Password, Address, Total Amount, Paid Amount, and Due Amount).

Note: Project documentation is also available within the project .zip file.

How to install Hostel Management System In C# ?
  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the .sln file using Microsoft Visual Studio
Click the Button Below to Download Hostel Management System In C# With Source Code and its Source Codes

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