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Download Free Hostel Management System In C Programming With Source Code

Hostel Management System In C Programming With Source Code
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Hostel Management System is based on a concept to maintain data of the students of a college living in different hostel premises. Before stepping into the main system a user has to pass through login system to get access, then only he/she can use the features of the system which includes Adding, Removing, Updating and viewing student’s records of a particular hostel.

Features of Hostel Management System In C Programming :

Talking about the features of Hostel Management System, while entering student’s record he/she has to provide roll number, name, date of birth, age, city, phone number, email id, father’s name, father’s phone number, room number, and select hostel name. Under this, there are four hostels, BH-1, BH-2, BH-3, GH-1. But while updating customer’s information from existing account, he/she can only change room number and phone number. There are two methods to check a user’s account in detail i.e by roll number or by student’s name. He/she can view students of a particular hostel. The other listing record displays student’s name with roll number, address and contact detail. This system helps in easy data management of student in a hostel as it is not time-consuming.

  1. Login system
  2. Enter, delete, Update data
  3. Check details of existing data
  4. View all records of a particular hostel
How to run Hostel Management System In C Programming ?

This mini project Hostel management system project is developed using C Programming Language and different variables, strings have been used for the development of it. Hostel Management System in C Programming is free to download with source code. In order to run the project, you must have installed Dev C++ or Code Blocks on your PC. (we recommend these IDE).

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