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Download Free Hospital Management System In VB.NET With Source Code

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Hospital Management System project is developed using VB.NET. The Project is based on the concept of managing the various hospital records. Talking about the project, it contains a login system. This means the user has to pass through a login system to use its features. A user can manage registrations, consultancy, lab test, x-ray test, eye and dental check records.

Features of Hospital Management System In VB.NET :

Talking about the features of the Hospital Management System, he/she can manage the patient registration form. For this, the user has to provide his/her name, age, blood group, weight, sex, marital status, contact details etc. The user can also easily manage consultancy records which include medical history, diagnosis, symptom, treatment. All the lab test records such as patient’s biochemistry, blood, urine test etc can be managed too.

Other features are dental and eye consultancy which also includes history, diagnosis, patient, treatment, defect, doctor etc. Talking about the GUI Part, it is so simple that the user won’t find any difficulties while working. Hospital Management System project helps the user for easy management of various reccords within a short period of time.

  1. CRUD Registration
  2. Manage consultancy
  3. Manage lab tests
  4. Dental and eye consultancies
  5. Reports
How to run Hospital Management System In VB.NET  Project ?

This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE and MS Access on your PC.

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