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Download Free Hospital Management System In C Programming With Source code

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Hospital Management System is based on the concept of managing a patient’s record of a hospital. There’s no login system available for this system, the user can freely use its feature. This mini project contains limited features, but the essential one. This project is helpful for keeping details of the Patient, Employee, Inventory in the Hospital. Create Hospital Management system in hospital industry using PHP Language.

About Hospital Management System C Project :
Talking about the features of this Simple system, the user can perform the CRUD operations to it. Like, add patient details by entering his/her name, disease name, phone number, cabin number, etc. The user can also view all the available patient records. Such as details and search a patient by its name, age, disease, cabin number. Besides, the user can edit information as well as remove a patient’s whole date or only his/her name, phone number, disease name, cabin number.

The system creates an external file to store the user’s data permanently. This system is developed using C Programming Language and different variables, strings have been used for the development of it.

Features of Hospital Management System C Project :

Enter a New Entry
Modify Existing
Search an Entry
Listing of records
Delete an Entry
Main Menu
How To Run the Project?
In order to run the project, you must have installed Dev C++ or Code Blocks on your PC. (we recommend these IDE).

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