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Download Free Expense Manager In Java With Source Code

Expense Manager In Java With Source Code
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The expense manager is a java program that helps the user to keep monthly accounts. Using the program, one can keep track of their personal profits, loss, and their expenses. The user of this program can keep track of their expense, make a note of the date in which their expense is done.

Likewise, they can also enter the budget for every month so that they can easily be notified if their expense made exceeds their budget for the month or not. Please see below for the full features of the software. This project is for educational purposes only so please use it for educational purposes.

Features of Expense Manager In Java:
  • Simple to use monthly expense manager
  • Keeps a track of the expenses made by the user
  • Make a note of the date, the item on which expenditure is done, and the cost of related expenses
  • Users can enter a budget for every month
  • Every time, when a user makes a new entry, the budget is checked, and a message is shown if expenses made exceeds the budget set by the user
  • Users can enter a date and view all the entries made on that specific date
  • User can enter a month to view all the expenses done on the specific month
  • Users can get the expenses details made from the time, the budget has been reset
  • Users can easily delete a particular month’s log report
  • The system is password protected and the user is asked for a password before he can add/create entries
  • User can change their password, and verification is used so the password is changed if the old password is entered correctly
  • (NOTE- Always start with the password.txt file to ensure the program works correctly)
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