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Download Free DPSR Using Django With Source Code

DPSR Using Django With Source Code
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Disease Predictor and Specialist Recommender (DPSR) is a web-based application for general disease prediction, using Machine Learning based on the Kaggle Datasets. The objectives of the project is to provide web interface platform for the prediction of the disease. In addition with it, it helps to suggest and recommend specialist for the predicted disease with their respective details. On the basis of highest experience and lowest fee.

About DPSR Using Django

Disease Predictor and Specialist Recommender (DPSR) is wide in coming recent years as we can see health service going fully online soon. The system has 2 users, namely patient and doctor. Furthermore, these users are authenticated by the system and have their own specific role in the system. DPSR allows patients to input their symptoms and according to those symptoms, the system predicts a disease. Also, the system suggests the doctors according to disease predicted. The additional features of this project can be summarized as –

  1. Booking an appointment online.
  2. User feedback.
Requirements for DPSR Using Django
  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. pip
  4. PostgreSQL
How To Run DPSR Using Django ?
  1. There is requirements.txt file in the project directory. Instead of running pip install -r requirements.txt. It encounters less error when installing those packages one by one by using pip install <package_name>.
  2. Then, go to and make changes in the database section i.e. replace the user and password of Postgres with yours.
  3. Create a database named in the name within database in line 80 of file.
  4. Run the command “python migrate”.
  5. Finally, run the server with “python runserver”.
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