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Download Free Club Member Diary Manager In JavaFX With Source Code

Club Member Diary Manager In JavaFX With Source Code
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Club Member Diary Manager is developed using Java programming language with the help of Java Scene Builder. It is based on recording the information about your programmer friends and colleagues.

The project basically allows you to store the individuals information with the various living details. This is a simple Java project for the students who are new to the programming section. Students and teachers can use this project and its source code as a learning material.

How to run Club Member Diary Manager Project In JavaFX ?

You will require Netbeans IDE to run this project. This project also requires the different JavaFX SDK’s plugin to enable it to run. The user can enter any programmer details so that they can use their identification in the club later. You have to login system in this project.

You have to be precise while you enter the data in different fields as entering wrong data format might get you an error.

Notes for this project

Before you run the project make sure you have SQLite viewer so that you can see the database and its entities. You can find the login details in the provided database by simply viewing the database in the SQLite viewer.

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