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Download Free Clinic Management System using C# With Source Code

Clinic Management System using C# With Source Code
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A fully featured Clinic Management System based on three tier architecture made using ASP.NET, C# with a well documented information. Create a clinic management system for your client, business. Also, you can create similar project for your school or college computer project or assignment as well. This application is developed by one of our contributor Haris Muneer.

Technologies Used in Clinic Management System Project :
Features of Clinic Management System Project in C# :

1. Patient:

  • Patient Home – Patient can view his profile
  • Current Appointment – Patient can view if he has some pending or approved appointment with a doctor
  • Bills History – Patient can view the bill history of appointments that have been completed
  • Treatment History – Patient also has the permission to view the treatment history of appointments which have been marked as completed
  • Take Appointment – The patient also has the permission to view all the departments and then can select one department. Then, all the doctors of that concerned department are shown. Then the patient selects one doctor and the doctor’s profile is then shown along with a ‘make an appointment’ button. When the button is clicked, the free slots of that particular doctor are shown. The patient then proceeds to choose and select a free slot and then sends a request for that free slot to the doctor. The doctor will then approve/reject it.
  • Notifications – In this tab, a notification is shown whenever the doctor accepts/rejects the requested appointment.
  • Feedback – After a appointment is completed, patient can give feedback about that appointment by rating it from 1 – 5
  • A patient can request for only one appointment at a time and will not be allowed to take more than one appointments until the last appointment has been completed.

2. Doctor:

  • Doctor Profile: Doctor can see his own profile
  • Pending Appointments: Doctor can view all the pending appointments that have been made against his doctor ID.
  • Todays Appointments: Doctor can see all the appointments for current day and can select/reject any appointment of that day
  • History Update: Doctor can update the prescription, disease and progress of patient.
  • Generate Bill: He will then generate the bill
  • Patient History: Doctor will be able to see the treatment history of all his treated patients.

3. Administrator:

  • Admin Home: Admin can view Clinic stats which includes weekly appointments, income of the Clinic. No of registered patients and doctors along with the list of departments
  • View Doctors: Admin can view the list of doctors currently registered along with their departments and other information. Complete profile will be shown when clicked.
  • View Patients: Admin also has the permission to view the list of patients currently registered in the program along with their phone numbers and ids. Complete profile will be shown when clicked.
  • View Other Staff: Admin can view other staff members along with their designations.
  • Search Box: Admin can if needed, search for a specific employee within the company by the name.
  • Add/Remove: Admin can also Add/remove doctors, patients and other staff members registered in the system from the clinic.
How to Run Clinic Management System Project in C# ?
Servername: .\SQLEXRPESS
Authentication: Windows Authentication 
  • Now open Schema.sql file in Database Files folder and execute it all. This will create the database and the tables. Afterwards execute the following sql files: Admin.sql, Doctor.sql, Patient.sql, Signup.sql.
  • Now execute the Insertions.sql file in Database Files folder. This will populate the database with some test entries. Moreover, some login emails and passwords of doctors, patients and admin are placed in the Insertions.sql file. You can use them to test the functionalities of the system.
  • Everything is setup now! You can run the Visual Studio Project by opening Clinic Management System.sln and then select the SignUp.aspx page and click run button named IIS Express.
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