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Download Free Car Showroom Management in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL

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Car Showroom” is the online web-based system. In which you can create a customer account and book cars and see your bookings. The admin can log in and see current orders from different customers and add new cars to the inventory list. This system is written in PHP and MYSQL. Continuously, consists of one main component Admin side and user side.

Firstly, the customers or the users need to sign up for the system before ordering the cars. Secondly, the can login with their email and password that the entered. They can see the list of cars according to their brands. If they like it they can book cars. After that admin will see the orders and provide them if they had. Admin has the authority to add new cars. The administrator can see all the orders done by the customers with the car Model, customer id and name and also the date that they order.

Admin Panel Username and Password.

username: admin

password: admin.

For the database connection in Car Showroom first, you need to create the database named store.sql in the localhost/phpmyadmin/ and then you can import the database which is found inside the database folder store.sql  file.

Language Structure of Car and vehicle Showroom Management PHP Project : 

  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Frontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script

Supported Operating Systems by Car and Vehicle Showroom Management System :

You can run this project in the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux

If the file is too heavy to download, kindly mail us so that we can share drive link with you for your easiness.

Mail id :

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