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Download Free Bus Ticket Booking System In Java With Source Code

Bus Ticket Booking System In Java With Source Code
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Bus ticket booking system is a JAVA project that maintains the official records of tours and travels. The whole system is made in Netbeans IDE. The system does not use the database as back-end support. The system supports all the features that are required here in this system.

About Bus Ticket Booking System In Java

This system is easy to understand and handle. Here, you have to enter the details of your journey. There are a lot of features to this project. From booking to canceling tickets, you can do that in this system. The users can report the problem to the admin. You can also check the statistics of your office. The admin can manage the number of buses he/she wants to add.

There are two parts of the system, one as an admin and the other as user. To use the system as admin you have to log in to the system. Enter the admin id and password to get access to the system. Talking about the user perspective, the user can simply book the ticket. He/she should first choose the destination they want to travel. Once they select the destination, thereafter, they can select the type of bus service they and also the route through they want to travel. After selecting all they can head towards the confirmation of the ticket.

From the admin side, the admin can add and update and delete the bus. He is responsible for adding routes and bus fares.

How to run Bus Ticket Booking System In Java ?

To run this project you must have installed Eclipse IDE or Netbeans IDE on your PC. Once you install it, download the project and extract it. Open the project in Netbeans IDE. And simply run the project. Now before running the project, rebuild the project for any kind of bugs and errors. This will help you to control the runtime error code.

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