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Download Free Bakery House Management System In C++ With Source Code

Bakery House Management System In C++ With Source Code
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Bakery House Management System is based on a concept to maintain orders and management of a particular bakery shop. There are two sections in this project, they are bakery item Ordering and Admin panel. By using this system he/she can maintain ordering records of a day. By selecting Bakery Order the system displays a list of Available bakery items and available drinks and the user has to place an order with item quantity. After that, he/she proceeds towards Order confirmation and Payment methods. Cash and Credit are the two payment methods of this system, by choosing Credit card method he/she has to enter Card Number and Pin Number for transactions.

About Bakery House Management System In C++

An admin has full control of the system. He/she can view Total cash and card transactions of the day, Add bakery items, delete items, list instant items, item counter, backup system, preview instant orders. While adding bakery items, the user should fill up the Item’s name, item’s quantity, item’s serial number (without repeating) and price. The system also displays customer’s card number with transaction amount for daily records. All the bakery orders of a day can be previewed easily from Instant Order Preview Option from the Admin Panel. The features of this project can be summarized as –

  1. Ordering System
  2. Cash and Card Payment Methods
  3. Login System
  4. Admin Panel
  5. Displays total Cash and Card Transactions
  6. Add and Delete Bakery Items
  7. Item Counter
  8. Instant Order Preview
  9. Backup System


How to run Bakery House Management System In C++ ?

This whole bakery house management system project is developed in C++ Programming Language and different variables and strings have been used for the development process. This C++ Programming project is free to download. To run the project you must have installed Dev C++ or Code Blocks on your PC. (we recommend these IDE). Though this project is mainly focused on Ordering system.

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